Classic Crystal water bottle


Spiritually Bold Classic Crystal water bottle

Top caps are stainless steel. This is a smaller 8 oz. bottle so it fits easily in your bag or purse. Boroslicate glass holds hot or cold organic coffee, cocoa, or flavored water. Enjoy at home or on the go, work or play. Separate bottom chamber does not allow you to change out your crystals.

Amethyst - Purification, Focus, Success, Growth
Aventurine - Prosperity, Leadership, Passion, Luck
Blue Lapis - Vision, Truth, Honour, Wisdom
Citrine - Manifestation, personal will, Abundance, Imagination
Florite - Concentration, Cord cutting, Purifying, stress relief
Obsidian - Removes negativity, Protective, Grounding
Red Jasper - Passion, Connection, Strength, Stability
Rose Quartz - Love, Sleep Aid, Forgiving, Maternal
Smoky Quartz - Travel, Protection, Ancient Knowledge

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