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Collection: Hispanitas

In 1959 Francisco Chico, son of Guzmán Alfonso (grandfather of present owners), began a new enterprise making shoes by hand. A new idea for a tubular shoe, led to the creation of one of the early emblematic models made by the company, the kiowas. One summer night in 1989, Francisco held a meeting with his sons Luis and Carlos, when they discussed creating a brand that would identify their product and he had the following idea: let's give our ballerina pumps , known as "francesitas" a Spanish name, let's call them "Hispanitas".

The firm enters the retail market in 2005. 3 outlet shops have been opened in Spain, 1 in Portugal, and 25 points of sale in China. This year, the brand celebrated 33 years and continues its hard work making fashionable & comfortable footwear for women across Europe, Aisa, & North America!