Tall Stainless Steel water bottle


Spiritually Bold tall stainless steel water bottle.

This bottle is made of Borosilicate glass which can transition from boiling hot to freezing cold without the glass cracking. To quench your thirst for more than just water. You can enjoy hot teas, coffee, cool fruits and /or herbal infusions. Create refreshing concoctions  in the essence of natural vibrational crystals. These crystals change the water structure of the molecules to enhance your intentions and vibrations. Interchange your crystals to fit your mood.

Amethyst - Purification, Focus, Success, Growth
Aventurine - Prosperity, Leadership, Passion, Luck
Blue Lapis - Vision, Truth, Honour, Wisdom
Citrine - Manifestation, personal will, Abundance, Imagination
Florite - Concentration, Cord cutting, Purifying, stress relief
Obsidian - Removes negativity, Protective, Grounding
Red Jasper - Passion, Connection, Strength, Stability
Rose Quartz - Love, Sleep Aid, Forgiving, Maternal
Smoky Quartz - Travel, Protection, Ancient Knowledge

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